RiceBeaux was developed to provide contact and residual control on the broadest spectrum of weeds and fill the weed gap in the CLEARFIELD® Production System.  It is an EC formulation that contains 3 lb propanil + 3 lb thiobencarb per gallon.  When you combine the weed spectrum with the multiple modes of action, you have the perfect complement to Newpath in the CLEARFIELD Production System, as well as a reliable tool for the conventional rice acre.


  • Tank mix 2.5-3 quarts of RiceBeaux with Newpath® in the CLEARFIELD® Production System.
  • Tank mix 3 quarts of RixeBeaux with Prowl® H20 Early Post
  • 4 quarts of RiceBeaux Preflood

Newpath®, Prowl® and CLEARFIELD® are registered trademarks of BASF.

Weed Control Ratings in 8 Yield Affecting Weeds in Rice*†

Rice Beaux Weed Control Rating
Sprangletop 9
Broadleaf Signalgrass9
Fall Panicum9
Ducksalad 8
Eclipta 9
Dayflower 8

* Smith, R.J., Jr. 1988. Weed thresholds in Southern U.S. rice, Oryza sativa. Weed Technol. 2:232-241.
† Weed control ratings extracted from the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Publications: MP44, Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control.