RiceOne CS

Provides a more consistent option due to proprietary patented formulation technology which generates improved efficacy not available in tank mixes. You get the broadest spectrum grass and small seed broadleaf residual on the market. The micro encapsulated formula addresses issues with drift and volatility plus our two complimentary modes of action provide the ultimate in resistance management. Each gallon of RiceOne CS contains 2.56 lbs. of ai pendimethalin and 1.07 lbs. ai clomazone as an aqueous capsule suspension.

  • Unique formulation mixture – RiceCo’sown micro-encapsulated formulation technology called capsule suspension (CS).
  • Formulated as a 3.63 lbs. ai/gallon.
  • Excellent mixability at convenient use rates.
  • Packaged in 2.5 gallon containers / each case contains 2 x 2.5 gallon containers.
  • Recommended use rate: 35-50 fl oz/Acre
  • Flexible application – delayed preemergence to early-postemergence.
  • RiceOne® CS is a residual herbicide; it requires a post-emerge herbicide such as SuperWham or Duet to control emerged weeds.
  • Excellent fit with proven technologies such as SuperWham, RiceBeaux, Duet, Stam, Newpath® and Facet L® in sequential weed management programs.
  • Longer more consistent residual control of barnyardgrass, sprangletop, crabgrass and small seeded broadleaf weed (pigweed species, ducksalad, etc.) control over Command 3ME.
  • Longer residual rate for rate than Command 3ME or Prowl H20.
  • Not recommended for use in waterseeded rice.

Command 3ME is a registered trademark of FMC. Newpath and Facet are registered trademarks of BASF.

RiceOne CS
Equivalency Table

RiceOne CS!
fl oz/Acre
Command 3ME
fl oz/Acre
Prowl H20
fl oz/Acre
Prowl 3.3 EC
fl oz/Acre
248.6 16.2 18.6
3010.7 20.223.3
3211.4 21.624.8
3512.5 23.627.2
3713.2 24.928.7
4014.3 27.0 31.0
4215 28.3 32.6
4415.7 29.6 34.1
4616.4 31.0 35.7
4817.1 32.3 37.2
5017.8 33.7 38.8

* Example: 24 fl oz/acre of RiceOne® CS contains the approximate equivalent of 8.6 fl oz Command 3ME plus 16.2 fl oz/acre Prowl H20.

Command 3ME is a registered trademark of FMC. Prowl H20 and Prowl 3.3EC are registered trademarks of BASF.